Behavioral Health

Enhancing the Behavioral Health of Individuals, Families and the Community


Shannon L. Crossler - M.Ed., LCPC

Carol Ortman PCLC

Angi DiSalvo LCPC

Kevin Zoren LCPC, LMFT

Jay Getten LCPC, LMFT

Ben Jennings LAC, LCPC

Karen Kettering Morsette - Behavioral Health Receptionist

The Behavioral Health Staff are all culturally competent and sensitive to tribal customs, traditions, practices and

the sovereign status of the Chippewa Cree Tribe.

Behavioral Health Hours:

Daily from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

To make an appointment contact: Karen Kettering Morsette





  • Quality Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services for tribal members of all ages with a wide variety of psychological/psychiatric conditions using a broad range of techniques.

  • Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling

  • School-Based Counseling

  • Consults with Teachers/School Counselors/Administrators regarding the evaluation/treatment of school-aged patients

  • Provides Direct Patient Care for BH patients via Individual, Family, Group Therapy

  • Provides Psychological Assessments covering a full range of psychological/psychiatric diagnoses.

  • Provides Assessments of At Risk Patients for involuntary commitment and other court proceedings and coordinates triage and after care.

  • Assists with Community Outreach via oral presentations on topics such as Suicide Prevention, Grief, Mental Health Awareness, Child Abuse, etc.

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