Laboratory Department

Laboratory Staff

David Cease - Laboratory Supervisor

Kathy Zalewski - Lab Technician

Bonnie Longknife - Lab Technician

The Rocky Boy Clinic Laboratory maintains quality laboratory testing for the most accurate diagnosis and treatments for the people of Rocky Boy. The laboratory staff is under the directorship of Dr. Nero, a pathologist (As required by Federal Regulation) with Yellowstone Pathology.

Fully certified staff include;

• David Cease - Lab & X-Ray Supervisor


The laboratory is the most heavily regulated department in the clinic. Federally mandated regulations governed by our accrediting agency, Cola, (Commission on Laboratory Accreditation) ensure that only quality results are released from this laboratory. The lab is regularly inspected and has been awarded the distinguished honor of the “Excellence Award” for many years. In addition, the laboratory participates and successfully passes nationally based proficiency testing several times each quarter to prove proficiency, quality and competency of the staff, equipment and internal processes.


Laboratory testing supports over 75% of the decisions made by health care providers for patient care. Diagnostic testing provides the tools necessary for the provider to determine disease processes ranging from diabetes, infections, heart disease, and more. Lab testing provides monitoring tools for medications to ensure the most accurate dosage. Through laboratory testing the correct antibiotic can be determined to treat disease processes.


Laboratory professionals are trained to analyze testing and testing processes.  They must be able to recognize inconsistencies in testing, interfering substances, monitor and troubleshoot quality control and calibration values, evaluate patient reports for consistency and accuracy and apply to disease processes and maintain and troubleshoot analyzers and analyzer processes