Welcome Message from our CEO

 Welcome to Rocky Boy Health Board website. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. I invite you to use this resource for your healthcare information needs. Rocky Boy Health Board is your medical facility. We are here to serve you and your family and our goal is to have you think first of the Rocky Boy Clinic, our physicians and the services we provide when there is a healthcare need. Rocky Boy Health Board has remained focused on improving our community's health and quality of life as well as care for our patients in extraordinary ways. I am confident in the quality of services we provide at Rocky Boy Health Board and I am proud of our staff who provide that care.  Every day, we strive to be your local healthcare provider or choice when it comes to you healthcare needs.  I welcome you to Rocky Boy Health Board as a visitor, a patient, an applicant or an interested physician.  I am confident that your experience with us will be a positive one.
Jessica Alcorn-Windy Boy

Regularly Scheduled Appointments are seen daily with the exception of Admin Day on Tuesday Afternoons.
Walk-in Patients are accepted every day with the exception of Admin Day on Tuesday Afternoons.
Same-Day appointments must call in at 8:00 AM the same day they wish to be seen.
The last week of each month our following month schedule will become available for appointments.  Each day there are appointments called a "Same Day" appointment which means, the person wanting an appointment on that day can call at 8:00 am to possibly get one of these appointments.  We have one Walk-In Provider and one Urgent Care Provider on a daily basis.  We urge patients if you cannot make your appointment please call the clinic to cancel them.

-Well Child Clinic will take place on March 6, 2019.

Call and Schedule your child's well child check up at Rocky Boy Health Center.

Appointments start at 9:30 AM.

-Holiday Closures

Rocky Boy Health Center will be closed Tuesday, April 16, 2019 for Chief Rocky Boy's Birthday.

Rocky Boy Health Center will be closed Monday, May 27, 2019 for Memorial Day.

HIPAA -   Notification of Breach

Dear Rocky Boy Health Center Patient:

 I am writing to you with important information about a recent  breach of your personal information from Rocky Boy Health Center. We became  aware of this breach on January 16, 2019 which occurred on or about January  14th, 2019. The breach occurred as follows: 

1.  Rocky  Boy Health Center CEO, Jessica WindyBoy was alerted that an office that held  medical records had been broken into. The date of discovery was January 16th.  It was found that the lock on the door and padlock had been forcibly removed.  The records were immediately removed and brought to Rocky Boy Health Center  for further investigation.

2. The  medical records were X-Ray and Dental records dating back to the late 1990’s
Full  names, date of birth, social security numbers, diagnosis codes may have been  breached.

3.  Rocky  Boy Health Center contacted the police, filed a police report, we are  contacting all patients that are affected. To avoid any additional breach,  all medical records  that have been  scanned into our electronic medical records and are being shredded by a HIPAA  compliant company the specializes in this work.

4.  You may  contact us via 1-877-520-8764  regarding this issue. We also advise you to immediately take the following steps:     * Call the toll-free number of  one major credit bureau (below) to place a  fraud alert on your credit report. This can help prevent an identity thief  from opening additional accounts in your name.  As soon as the credit  bureau confirms your fraud alert, the other two credit bureaus will  automatically be notified to place alerts on your credit report, and all three reports will be sent to you free of charge.

Online: www.transunion.com
Mail: TransUnion  Fraud Victim Assistance
P.O.  Box 2000
Chester,  PA 19016

Sincerely, JessicaWindyboy, CEO
Rocky Boy Health Center
6850 Upper Box Elder Road
Box Elder, MT 59521

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Mission Statement: The Rocky Boy Health Board is committed to provide, maintain, and improve the highest quality of health care delivery systems in the spirit of Self-Governance and Self-Determination.  The Rocky Boy Health Board recognizes and respects the holistic and unique structure of the Chippewa Cree and will remain dedicated to their health needs.