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Rocky Boy Health Board undergoes Active Shooter Preparedeness

Fortunately, Rocky Boy Health Board has never experienced a situation or incident that involved a firearm or weapon but we must be prepared to react quickly to such a situation to protect our Employees and our Patients.  Active shooter situations are extremely frantic and are often over in a manner of minutes. Rocky Boy Health Board has been cooperating with Chippewa Cree Law Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Response personnel to formulate an Active Shooter Preparedness plan which can prove critical in stopping the perpetrator and saving lives.


Rocky Boy Health Board is in final stages of finalizing our Code Silver - Active Shooter preparedness plan.  Upon completion we will be utilizing local and neighboring law enforcement resources to provide and demonstrate live action active shooter drills on the Health Board campus.


The first drill will be limited to Rocky Boy Health Board staff, and future drills may involve patients.  We will inform the community when the drills will occur in hopes to also prepare patients for the situation and give the community the choice to participate or opt-out.  Thank you.