Radiology Team Members:

Welcome to the Rocky Boy Health Board

Radiology Department

• Karen Myers MT (ASCP), CLS, LPT X-Ray  Laboratory and X-Ray Supervisor


The Imaging Department at the Rocky Boy Clinic uses state of the art Digital radiology. This technology provides electronically captured and stored images to provide sharper, clearer and more detailed images with minimal radiation exposure. It also eliminates the need for x-ray film.


Standard radiographs provide limited imaging used as a tool for providers to aid in diagnosing certain acute processes, fractures, etc. The images are carried through a secure system to be viewed by providers and radiologists. The Radiologist interprets the image and sends a report to the provider. Since the images are stored electronically, they can be reviewed at any time and used to compare with future imaging exams.


Additional information regarding the Radiology Department.


• No CT, Fluoroscopy, MRI or other specialty imaging is available at the Rocky Boy Clinic.

• For safety reasons, female patients may be required to submit a specimen for a pregnancy test prior to X-Ray.

• For safety reasons, with the exception of adolescent caregivers, visitors are discouraged from accompanying patients into the exam room to avoid scattered radiation.


• X-Rays are available M-F 8-4:30 with the exception of emergencies on Tues. 8-11 a.m.


• X-ray copies (on CD) are available to patients upon signing a record release and allowing reasonable time for copying.


• X-Ray images taken at Rocky Boy are viewable by providers at associated facilities in Havre, Great Falls, and Lewistown eliminating the need to send images manually to a referral provider.