White Sky Hope Center

Mission Statement

The White Sky Hope Center (WSHC) addresses the recovery needs of our community by providing assessment, consultation, clinical services, and team recommendations for our clients and their family members, as well as community activities for prevention, education and culture.

Our Philosophy

We believe that:

Recovery from substance abuse disorder requires a holistic approach.

The community and family can play an important role in recovery.

Respect, trust and understanding guide our counseling practices.

Vision Statement

Working as a skilled and caring team, helping our people achieve recovery to reach their fullest potential through holistic health care, practice in self-healing, and growth in spiritual and cultural identity with support of family and community

On Families and Our Cultural Program

Addiction affects the entire family.  At WSHC, we recognize and respect the important role that family members and extended families have on our clients.  WSHC encourages participation by the family in the client's treatment experience.  Families are encouraged to participate in following activities: Training and education sessions for family members, group counseling, family week and ALANON meetings.

The White Sky Hope Center provides the following list of services to the clientele on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation but not limited to:
  • Assessment/Evaluation
  • Individual Outpatient Counseling
  • Group and Family Counseling
  • Alcohol/Drug Education Presentations at schools and community functions
  • Recreational therapy (sobriety walks)
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Continuing Care Counseling (adult and adolescent)
  • Collateral consultation with other service organizations
  • Referral to appropriate AA 12 step support group or other support groups
  • Case management for Criminal Justice Referrals
  • Case Consultation
  • Pre-treatment
  • Traditional Group Counseling
  • Traditional Medicine by referral
  • Talking Circle
  • Cultural Discussion/Activities
  • Recovery Support Services
  • Transportation on referral
  • Workshops
  • Newsletters
  • White Sky Hope Women’s Lodge (level 3.1) and White Sky Hope Men’s Lodge
  • ACT & MIP: Prime for Life
  • Referral to detox and/or inpatient (PRT-level 3.5 and 3.7)

WSHC Staff:

 Administrative and Prevention Unit:

Tina King, Administrator, Division Chief, LCPC, LAC

Myra Windy Boy, Administrative Assistant

Blue Belcourt, Administrative Support

 Emery Nault, Supervisor, Recovery Support and Prevention Specialist

Theron Small, Recovery Support Specialist

 Misha Pete, Prevention Specialist

 Aracella Ramos, Prevention Specialist

 Clinical Unit:

 Tina King, Clinical Supervisor

 Carol Foster, LAC

 Jesse Bergren, LAC

 Kim Big Knife, LAC-e

 Rose DeBerry, LAC-e

 RTEC 3.1 Recovery Home Unit:

 Gloria Little, LAC/IOP

 Dawnie DeBerry, WSHC Women’s Lodge Manager, Case Manager

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Mission Statement: The Rocky Boy Health Board is committed to provide, maintain, and improve the highest quality of health care delivery systems in the spirit of Self-Governance and Self-Determination.  The Rocky Boy Health Board recognizes and respects the holistic and unique structure of the Chippewa Cree and will remain dedicated to their health needs.