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clinical division

Rocky Boy Health Center’s Clinical Staff are a respected team of professionals that work together to provide you with the highest quality of health care — from Medical and Behavioral Health to Dental and Vision needs — all in one, modern facility.

Care is provided by Physicians who are trained in family medicine, along with Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants, all working together to ensure you and your family receive comprehensive care in a setting that is comfortable, and convenient.


Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are advanced healthcare providers who work in collaboration with our Physicians to perform physical exams, diagnose and treat acute problems, order diagnostic tests, and prescribe medications.


Expertly trained Pharmacists, Dentists, and Optometrists provide professional healthcare services in the most advanced facilities in the region, while our Behavioral Health services are provided by licensed Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, and Social Workers who are all culturally competent and sensitive to tribal customs, traditions, practices, and the sovereign status of the Chippewa Cree Tribe.


Nurses, Medical Assistants, Hygienists, Enrollment / Registration, administrative professionals, and clerical staff support all of our providers to complete our Clinical Team at Rocky Boy Health Center.

  • Primary Care
    Having a healthy community begins here. Rocky Boy Health Center provides access to a comprehensive suite of modern Primary Care services for adults, children and entire families — delivered by an experienced and compassionate care team that truly gets to know you. We are a Patient-Centered Medical Home where your primary care provider will manage as much of your healthcare “under one roof” in our modern facility, as possible. We encourage patients to be true participants in their own medical care and believe this leads to the best health outcomes for those we serve. Primary Care Services provided by Rocky Boy Health Center include: Medical care Same-day Appointments Regular check-ups Physicals Health screenings Immunizations School physicals and screenings Diagnostic testing Patient education You may visit your primary care doctor, one of our other doctors, or our nurse practitioners for routine physical exams, preventive medicine, diagnosis and treatment, and referrals to specialists. For our patients’ convenience, Rocky Boy Health Center houses a Laboratory and Pharmacy. Same-day Appointments are available 8:00am-10:00am, Monday-Friday (EXCLUDING WEDNESDAYS), for urgent needs such as flu, cough, cold, sore throats, and other minor illness, or injury. Appointments may be scheduled by calling our Main Line: 406.395.4486.
  • Optometry
    Rocky Boy Health Center is proud to set the highest bar of quality and expertise for Optometry services in the region, serving patients with a variety of eye conditions. Housed on-site at Rocky Boy Health Center, our Optometry Clinic utilizes an array of advanced diagnostic equipment and the best medical professionals in the region to provide many services, including: Eyeglass Exams Contact Lens Exams Eye Glass Repair Eye Glass Fitting Contact Lens Fitting We also have an extensive inventory of eye glass frames in the latest styles and name brands available for the “one-stop-shopping” convenience of our patients. Schedule an Optometry appointment by calling Rocky Boy Health Center’s Main Line: 406.395.4486.
  • Behavioral Health
    Rocky Boy Health Center provides a full suite of comprehensive Behavioral Health services for all ages: children, adolescents, and adults and is managed by a caring staff of culturally competent professionals who are sensitive to tribal customs, traditions, practices, and the sovereign status of the Chippewa Cree Tribe — all in a compassionate and confidential environment. We provide high-quality services for tribal members of all ages with a wide variety of psychological/psychiatric conditions, using a broad range of techniques, including: Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling School-Based Counseling Consults with Teachers/School Counselors/Administrators regarding the evaluation/treatment of school-aged patients Direct Patient Care for BH patients via Individual, Family, Group Therapy Psychological Assessments covering a full range of psychological/psychiatric diagnoses Assessments of At-Risk Patients for involuntary commitment and other court proceedings and coordinates triage and after care Assistance with Community Outreach via oral presentations on topics such as Suicide Prevention, Grief, Mental Health Awareness, Child Abuse, and more Behavioral Health hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm. To schedule an appointment, call Rocky Boy Health Center’s Main Line: 406.395.4486 and ask for the Behavioral Health Department.
  • Pharmacy
    The Rocky Boy Health Center Pharmacy is fully staffed by a knowledgeable and experienced team of pharmacists and technicians serving over 4,000 patients with an average of 300 prescriptions per day. Our pharmacists are an important part of your treatment plan, collaborating with your other care providers and you in a patient-involved approach to your healthcare needs. Hours of operation are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. For the convenience of our patients, we remain open during the lunch hour. ​ REFILLS POLICY AND REQUESTING REFILLS BY PHONE Please request medication refills at least 2 working days prior to running out. This allows us time to get refill authorizations from your provider, if necessary, and order any medications needed. ​ Please request each medication by name to ensure we refill all medications you currently need. PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide >30 day supply of medications per Rocky Boy Health Clinic policy. ​ Medications not picked up after 7 days are returned to stock and will need to be requested again for filling. Non-controlled prescriptions are only valid for 1 year. Please plan on seeing your healthcare provider annually or more frequently as requested by your provider. ​You can request a medication refill during hours of operation by calling the Rocky Boy Health Center Main Line: 406.395.4486 and asking for the Pharmacy Refills line extension 2029. Our pharmacy staff is available to answer any questions patients may have regarding their prescribed medications and are welcome to stop by the Pharmacy or call during hours of operation.
  • Lab
    Rocky Boy Health Center houses a full laboratory facility to provide critical assistance to our healthcare providers. The most heavily regulated department in the health clinic, the Laboratory Department exceeds federally-mandated regulations as governed by the accrediting agency, COLA, (Commission on Laboratory Accreditation), ensuring that only the highest quality of results are released from our laboratory. The Rocky Boy Health Center Laboratory is regularly inspected and has been awarded the distinguished Excellence Award for many years, while participating in and successfully passing nationally-based testing several times each quarter to prove proficiency, quality, and competency of the staff, equipment, and internal processes. DID YOU KNOW? Laboratory testing supports over 75% of the decisions made by healthcare providers for the care of their patients, while Diagnostic testing provides the tools necessary for the provider to determine disease processes ranging from diabetes, infections, heart disease, and more. Laboratory testing provides monitoring tools for medications to ensure the most accurate dosage; for example, through lab testing the correct antibiotic can be determined to treat disease processes. Rocky Boy Health Center’s Laboratory professionals are trained to analyze testing and testing processes. They must be able to recognize inconsistencies in testing, interfering substances, monitor and troubleshoot quality control and calibration values, evaluate patient reports for consistency and accuracy and apply to disease processes and maintain and troubleshoot analyzers and analyzer processes.
  • Dental
    Rocky Boy Health Center is proud to house the most comprehensive Dental program in the region — and beyond. Under the experienced direction of renowned Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Michael Melland, and Staff Dentists Dr. Hilary Warren, the entire Dental Clinic team professionally provides a full suite of services to patients of all ages: children, adolescents, and adults. APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING An initial appointment for examination is required to be seen by a dentist. This is the first step in creating a treatment plan from which additional appointments are given to meet the patient’s dental needs. ​ If you are interested in making an initial appointment for the dental hygienist please contact the dental reception staff for additional information: 406.395.1625 or 406.395.4486 ext. 2021. Availability for the dental hygienist varies based on the number of patients that have been scheduled during that particular block of time for appointments. Dental Clinic appointments may also be made in person by contacting the staff at the Dental Receptionist desk in the clinic waiting room. Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm and Tuesday, 8:00am-12:00pm. WALK-IN CLINIC POLICY Walk-In Dental Clinic hours of operation are 8:00am-10:00am and 1:00pm-3:00pm, Monday, and Friday. Wednesday Walk-In hours are 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. The Dental Walk-In Clinic patient priority is based on time of arrival, severity of condition, and/or procedure required for treatment. If the clinic is filled for the morning, you will not be turned away if you are diagnosed with having an emergency requiring immediate care. You will be screened by a dental staff member. Urgent cases will be asked to stand by in the waiting room until a chair becomes available. Non-urgent cases will be given the choice of returning at 1:00 pm to wait until a slot becomes available or returning at another time. SCHOOL PROGRAM Our Dental Clinic team visits schools in Rocky Boy and Box Elder, including both Headstart Programs. The services provided are oral hygiene instructions, dental screening, fluoride treatment, and sealants. If our dental staff members feel your child is in need of dental work, a note is sent home. Our team is currently planning classroom visits for grades K-6 and presentations for grades 7-12 to educate students on dental health and how to prevent cavities and gum disease.
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