Rocky Boy Health Center is seeking bids for the following: 


Medical Locum Services: Physician, Physician Assistant, Pharmacist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, Dentist, X-Ray Technician.


Issue Date: March 31, 2021


I.  Request for Qualifications

II. Evaluation Process

III. Evaluation Criteria

IV. Scope of Work

V. Terms and Conditions


The RBHC seeks proposals from one or more firms (large or small) or individual practitioners who can demonstrate proficiency in any area of providing locum medical services as stated in this RFQ.  


The purpose of this request is to identify a panel of pre-qualified firms and individual practitioners with demonstrable expertise that are eligible to provide locum medical services to the Rocky Boy Health Center for a period of (2) years in the above medical fields when the need arises.  The RBHC's pre-qualified list will permit the RBHC to assign medical locum services without additional procurement processes.


This request for proposals is developed pursuant to the RBHC Procurement Policy.  This solicitation does not modify existing medical locum or recruitment agreements.


To download the full RFQ click here.