Rocky Boy Health Center is seeking bids for the following: 


The Rocky Boy Health Center is requesting a Statement of Qualifications (RFQ) from firms interested in providing architectural services to the Rocky Boy Health Center.  Services needed include renovation design, construction plans, site plan, bid specifications and construction management for the Rocky Boy Health Center Development Project. 

RBHC is a tribally chartered not-for-profit corporation established in 1974 and is a component of the Chippewa Cree Tribe.  The RBHC is located at 6850 Upper Box Elder Road, Box Elder MT  59521.  The Rocky Boy Health Center Development Project includes design options and site plan for area designated across from the RBHC.  Three new build structures on the site; (1) Renovation to the existing building (Emergency Area) and (1) addition to the clinic. Services needed include renovation design, construction plans, bid specifications and construction management. 

RFQ Submittal Terms: The Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for this solicitation is:     


                                                     Tessie LaMere, Chief Operating Officer, RBHC

                                              6850 Upper Box Elder Road, Box Elder, MT  59521

                                                          (406) 395-4486


-Questions about this RFQ must be submitted via e-mail or in writing to the SPOC by September 28, 2020. No additional project questions will be addressed after this date. 

· Statements must be submitted to the SPOC no later than 4:30 pm on October 1, 2020.

· Six (6) copies of the RFQ response statement must be submitted as well as one (1) USB copy.

· Please label outside of response package envelope as: RFQ Response-Facilities Renovation Project

· Statements are scheduled for opening at 9:00 am, October 2, 2020 at the RBHC Administration Office.


With continued growth on the Rocky Boy Reservation and the COVID 19 pandemic the RBHC needs renovations, storage, garage, and more space to adequately serve the public. August 2020, the RBHC Board of Directors approved the purchase of the land directly across from the health center for the Rocky Boy Health Center Develop Project that would address the need for expansion.  The RBHC will have a multiple phase project that will provide address these needs.

Phase 1 – Development of site plan on new land purchase and the existing clinic area.

Phase 2 – Remodel or development of COVID 19 testing and treatment area.

Phase 3 – Metal garage and storage facility.

Phase 4 – Professional staff housing.

Phase 5 – Staff cafeteria addition.

Phase 6 – Staff Daycare


The basic services to be provided will include architectural and engineering services and construction oversight for the Rocky Boy Health Center Development Project:

q Assist RBHC with the General Contractor selection process.

 q Complete full renovation designs, construction plans, bid specifications and construction management for the four building remodels.

q Work with RBHC to determine most appropriate final designs.

q Assist with the construction bid advertising, tabulation, and award process, including bid solicitation, conducting pre-bid conferences, bid opening, evaluation of bids, and subsequent recommendation of lowest responsive bidders.

q Conduct a pre-construction conference and issue the notice to proceed.

q Provide construction engineering including regular on-site supervision of construction work, facilitating, and recording construction meetings, construction administration and preparing inspection reports. 

q Provide quality control to ensure the contractor and subcontractors are providing materials, labor, and products consistent with what is identified in the design and specifications.

q Provide quality control to ensure compliance with technical specifications and conformance with codes and standards.

q Provide one complete set of as-built, reproducible plan drawings per building to the RBHC upon project completion: and

q Conduct final inspection and testing.


Statement Submittal:

Firms are solely responsible for all costs incurred in the preparation and submittal of the RFQ. Respondents should submit six full copies of their RFQ response statements and one USB copy to the single point of contact for this solicitation by 4:30 pm, October 1, 2020. No late faxed, or email statement submittals will be accepted. Questions about the RFQ must be submitted via e-mail or in writing to the single point of contact on or before September 28, 2020.


Statement Content:

Statements should demonstrate that the firm has the professional capability and availability to satisfactorily and timely complete all the tasks as described in the Scope of Work section of this RFQ. Responses should include:

1) Completed and signed RFQ cover sheet.

2) The firm’s legal name, address, telephone number and principal contact e-mail address.

3) The principal(s) of the firm and their experience and qualifications.

4) The experience, qualifications and assigned roles of all staff to be assigned to the project.

5) A description of the firm's prior experience, including design and construction management of any similar renovation projects, location of project, and total construction cost. Include any experience working with the tribal communities.

6) A description of the firm’s current work activities and how these will be coordinated with the project, as well as the firm’s anticipated availability during the term of the project.

7) The proposed work plan and schedule for activities to be performed; and

8) A minimum of three references that are knowledgeable regarding the firms recent performance on projects, including the company name, location where services were provided, contact person(s), contact telephone number, contact e-mail address, and a complete description of services provided, including dates of service. These references may be contacted to verify a firm’s ability to perform the contract.



This solicitation is being offered in accordance with federal and state statutes governing procurement of professional services. Accordingly, the RBHC reserves the right to negotiate an agreement based on fair and reasonable compensation for the scope of work and services proposed, as well as the right to reject all responses deemed unqualified, unsatisfactory, or inappropriate. RBHC reserves the right to increase the scope of work with the selected firm if the increase is within the firm’s ability. Payment and contract terms will be negotiated with the selected firm.  

While RBHC has every intention to award a contract resulting from this RFQ, issuance of the RFQ in no way constitutes a commitment by the RBHC to award and execute a contract. Upon a determination such actions would be in its best interest, the RBHC, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to:

· Cancel or terminate this RFQ.

· Reject any or all statements received in response to this RFQ.

· Determine at any time whether a statement is unresponsive in any manner.

· Not award a contract, if it is in the RBHC’s best interest not to proceed with contract execution; or

· If awarded, terminate any contract if the RBHC determines adequate funds are not available.


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